How To Back-Up Your Blogger/Blogspot Template

So your planning to change your boring blogger template or lay-out? But before that, you should back up your template so you don't feel sorry in the end. These steps are so simple and so easy to follow i provided a diagram so you will not lost in the process. Here's how:

How To Back-Up Your Blogger/Blogspot Template

1. Go to Dashboard, Click Lay-Out on the blog you want to back-up.

2. Choose Edit HTML. Click 'Download Full Template', after you click that it will save an .xml copy on your hard drive but don't stop there.

3. Copy all the codes all the way down, make sure you copy all the codes!(labeled in the pic as step 3, make sure that the 'Expand Widget Template' is ticked)

4. Open MS Notepad, then paste all the codes you've just copied then save on your PC.

5. That's it! you've successfully created a back-up for your blogspot template. You can now play and experiment with your blogger template codes.

Want to revert to your old template? Just go to your Dashboard, Click Lay-out, Edit HTML then Browse locate the .xml file you save then click Upload.


Go to Dashboard,Click Lay-out, Edit HTML paste the whole code that you save from MS Notepad, then press Preview if it looks okay Save.
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